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Who Am I REALLY? (In the words of a high school teen)

It can be hard to accept yourself for who you truly are at times. With constant peer pressure, you can start to doubt your appearance. One thing I want to let know you is that you being who you are is what makes you beautiful. I know it may sound like a cliché but you are going to think of yourself as the most beautiful girl in the world after reading this message.

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Healthy Moms, Healthy Girls - Get REAL About Health

Nearly 50 moms and 50 girls gathered to talk about and to learn how to be at their optimum health! It was real conversation with physicians and other medical professionals in a fun energetic and informative space. The first "Healthy Moms, Healthy Girls" workshop was full of authentic conversation in which moms and girls sat down face-to face with health care professionals to defined stroke, the  risks, signs and prevention.

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