Prom Project - Girl Talk Foundation

Prom Project℠

Prom Project℠ just celebrated it’s 16th year of affording high school girls FREE prom attire! The half-day event featured some 1,980 brand NEW and nearly NEW FREE prom dresses and accessories for teen girls. It was designed to boost a girls’ self-esteem and equip her with lifelong skills during a milestone occasion.

Tailoring Teens for Success

Tailoring teens for success

“Tailoring Teens for Success” (TTFS) is an 18-week character building and leadership development curriculum for girls (ages 11-16 years old). It designed to transform the lives of girls so they become self-aware, self-managed and socially competent.

Healthy Moms, Healthy Girls

Healthy Moms, Healthy Girls

The “Healthy Moms, Healthy Girls” event is for moms, female guardians/family members (ages 25-54) who may have limited to moderate knowledge of health and well-being strategies, as well as girls ages 11-18.

Pass the Purse

Pass the purse

The Pass the Purse Empowerment Tea is an annual fundraising initiative that assists Girl Talk Foundation in fulfilling its mission by pairing strong, respected, influential Charlotte women who impart wisdom and guidance to a Girl Talk girl they have agreed to mentor; thereby, transforming their lives through this character building program.