Pass The Purse


The Pass the Purse Empowerment Tea is an annual fundraising initiative that assists Girl Talk Foundation in fulfilling its mission by pairing strong, respected, influential Charlotte women who impart wisdom and guidance to a Girl Talk girl they have agreed to mentor; thereby, transforming their lives through this character building program.

Purpose of Program

During an annual tea and fundraiser, six mentors, who are referred to as "Women of Inspiration" offer words of encouragement and pass knowledge to our leaders of tomorrow by filling a purse full of teaching tools that speak to each Girl Talk girls' individual aspirations, which are chronicled on vision boards and shared with the Women of Inspiration and tea attendees. As the premiere fundraising vehicle, the Pass the Purse Empowerment Tea provides sponsorship opportunities and encourages consumer ticket sales to fund ongoing Girl Talk Foundation programs. This character building, social event also features both a silent and live purse auction to assist with fundraising.

Goals of Program:

The Girl Talk Foundation Pass the Purse Empowerment Tea is held annually to:

  • Build girls' emotional and social capabilities in order to produce positive life outcomes

  • Assist development objectives through sponsorship opportunities, consumer ticket sales and donations

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