Healthy Moms, Healthy Girls

Thank you to our sponsor, Novant Health, and our community partners for making this year’s Healthy Moms, Healthy Girls event great!

Moms and girls learned first-hand how to save a life with a hands-on CPR experience. The theme of the day was adopting a “healthy lifestyle” through smart choices on grocery shopping, meal planning and exercise!


What’s better than mothers and daughters learning about health and fitness together! Girl Talk Foundation, Inc. hosts a free workshop focused on health and wellness for mothers and their daughters. Sponsored by Novant Health, “Healthy Moms, Healthy Girls” event is designed to teach healthy living habits and reduce health disparities in a friendly, fun and informal setting.

The “Healthy Moms, Healthy Girls” event is for moms, female guardians/family members (ages 25-54) who may have limited to moderate knowledge of health and well-being strategies, as well as girls ages 11-18.

Health disparities exist in Charlotte based on race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status and gender, which in turn affect individual and community health. These disparities can impact awareness of health issues, access to adequate healthcare and resources, and health behaviors.  Women and girls, in particular, are at increased risk. This series aims to improve awareness and health behaviors related to various health topics.

Workshops Include

  • For adult women - Diabetes awareness, mock food shopping experience, meal planning.

  • For girls - Food awareness – how do you view food? Fitness activity; healthy eating activity.