15 Years Of Transforming The Lives of Girls


Girl Talk Foundation, Inc. is especially excited this year as we celebrate 15 years in the Charlotte community. As founder, I never imagined the idea of creating a space for teen girls to talk about their 'issues' and share and learn from others - an idea that would become a movement and a ministry. We have completed our 12th installment of "Tailoring Teens for Success" curriculum with 20 girls completing the program. Since it's inception, the curriculum has impacted the lives of thousands of girls and their families. We see girls have higher expectations for their future – 98% graduate high school, and of those more than half enroll in college while others attend junior college or invest in a trade.

After the curriculum, we see girls who are more self-assured in their ability to communicate with others. And we see relationships between girls and parents strengthen with parents advocating more for their daughters.

It's always a journey when you commit to doing the 'right thing'.  Doing the 'right thing' isn't always popular or easy. I've learned it's challenging, exhausting and sometimes lonely. The saving grace is understanding it's not about you. You are just a conduit to satisfying a bigger movement. Despite some of the demands of running a nonprofit, I have comfort in knowing WE are changing lives. WE are shaping futures. WE are setting girls and families up for success. WE are leaving a legacy.