Ways To Get Back Into School Routine After The Holidays

Students of all ages, including college students, often struggle to get back into the swing of things after being off for several days or weeks for the holidays. They aren't always ready to resume the hectic pace, start back up with classes or dive into social activities. Even getting back on normal eating, sleeping and homework schedules can be tough. Sufficient planning, reliable rituals, participation in school events and a positive attitude can make the transition easier.

Reinstate Daily Schedules

  • Ease back into school by reestablishing daily schedules and following them as closely as possible. Rituals promote a sense of security and stability, according to Karen Stephens, director of the Illinois State University Child Care Center. Consistent morning routines, regular meal times, homework study hours, designated exercise and recreation times and bedtime schedules can help you get back on track. Place a calendar on your refrigerator or in a central location, so you can keep track of weekly activities, such as sports practices, music lessons, study groups and doctor's appointments.

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