Because You Can: Brighten Up Your Look!

After I got a red weave not too long ago, I found myself wanting my eyebrows to match my hair. I pulled out a ruby eyeliner and went to town on my brows. I liked the result a lot, and I wondered what other shades I might be able to use above my eyeballs. Since then I’ve experimented with green, purple, pink, and blue matte and shimmery eyeliners. I prefer the matte varieties, because they make your brows look more like they were dyed (the shimmery colors don’t cover quite as well). If you want to try this yourself, I recommend that you find the brightest cheap drugstore eyeliner you can get your hands on, because lining and filling in your brows to make the color really stand out takes a LOT of product.

You can let your technicolor arches make their own statement by keeping the rest of your look simple, like I did in the photo above, but there may be days when you want to go all out. On those days, why stop at bright colors on just your brows?



NewsOnTech Admin