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Girl Talk is EVOLVING!!

We have completed our first offering of  “Tailoring Teen For Success” (TTFS) Curriculum at Reid Park Academy in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools made possible by Snyder’s-Lance. We are now reviewing data and examining the success of the program.

It was a pilot partnership that included an intense 20-week curriculum to a dozen 8th grade girls. The program will continue to focus on social emotional learning. It serves as a safe space for participants to discuss adolescent issues (i.e. bullying, body image, etc.) and learn positive information and behavior.

The program is also designed to develop girls’ emotional intelligence, providing them with skills they need to excel in  the classroom and beyond. Each program session is led by a subject matter expert or professional facilitator. Topics range from self-acceptance to professional development.

A parent component is also included in the program. Parents of curriculum participants are required to attend quarterly Parent Workshops that assists them in forming academic and social partnerships with their children.

Based on it’s success, we will look to offer “Tailoring Teen For Success” to additional CMS schools. Please stay tuned for updates.

For additional information, please contact Katisha Nelson or Janine Davis.

Learn more about the opportunities available to “Tailoring Teens for Success” graduates!

Sponsor A Girl

Individuals or companies are welcomed to continue sponsoring a girl to participate in the curriculum program. Please complete information below and click button. We thank you in advance for your generosity!

Your $500 contribution supports one girl’s participation in the “Tailoring Teens for Success” (TTFS) curriculum that includes program materials, snacks, graduation keepsakes and field trips, including a college tour.

For school sponsorship, please contact Janine Davis.

For your contribution, you will receive:

  • Limited edition hard-cover photo album highlighting participants engagement in program
  • “Tailoring Teens for Success” (TTFS) Graduation DVD
  • Name/company recognition at TTFS graduation event

Frequently Asked Questions

What is “Tailoring Teens for Success?
It’s a 20-week curriculum that focuses on building self-esteem and empowering young girls to think critically and make positive decisions.
Who is it for?

“Tailoring Teens for Success” is open to girls ages 13-16. Enrollment is limited to 12 girls.

When is “Tailoring Teens for Success” held?

The sessions are held for 20 consecutive Thursdays, 2:10pm-3pm beginning January 7th – May 20th, 2016. A graduation ceremony is scheduled for 8:30am, Saturday, June 11, 2016 at Maggiano’s Little Italy, Southpark Mall.

Where are the sessions held?

Sessions are held at Reid Park Academy, 4108 Tyvola Road, Charlotte, NC 28208.

What are the sessions about?

Each week, professionally trained facilitators lead sessions that focus on a different topic. Topics range from self-esteem, to relationships, to etiquette, to career, to finance.

What can girls expect at each session?

Each girl receives a work notebook and is served a light snack. Girls may exercise briefly before starting sessions, so comfortable attire is required.

What will girls need to bring for each session?

Girls need to bring their notebook and any assignment given to them from the previous week. Girls will need to wear comfortable clothing.

What happens at the end of the curriculum?

A graduation ceremony is held for girls who complete the curriculum and every girl receives a certificate and other keepsakes including Girl Talk tshirt, journal and charm bracelet.

What are girls required to do to COMPLETE the curriculum?

Each girl is required to attend and participate in a minimum of 13 sessions; EACH GIRL IS REQUIRED TO COMPLETE THE COMMUNITY SERVICE PROJECT ASSIGNED DURING THE CURRICULUM.

How much does it cost?

There is no cost for girls to enroll in the “Tailoring Teens for Success” program.

What happens AFTER the Girl Talk curriculum?

Girls who attend at least 13 sessions of the curriculum automatically become members of the Girl Talk Jewels – who then meet monthly to continue to build character and leadership skills, perform community service, coordinate fundraisers and serve as the face for Girl Talk! Girls NOT completing at least 13 sessions can opt to retake program or attend lessons missed during next offering of program.